keoto | 1st. Prize: Eteläpuisto Park and Its Environs Tampere, Finland

1st. Prize: Eteläpuisto Park and Its Environs Tampere, Finland

1st. Prize

Architecture: KCAP Architects & Planners GmbH
Energy:           Keoto AG, Zürich

Competition assignment

The aim of the contest was to generate material to be used as basis for urban design of the area and related decision-making.
The competition area is located in the southwestern part of Tampere city centre, and covers 23,3 hectares of land. The area includes constructed blocks, traffic areas, parks and sports facilities. The landmark building in the area is the Klingendahl factory property, which is no longer in industrial use.
The contestans‘ task was to prepare a high-quality residential area and services that suit the city structure and landscape, and to enable diverse recreational use of the shores while providing a natural connection to Hämeenpuisto. The overall solution must: function as part of the city centre, promote Tampere‘s image as a lakeside city, and increase the attractiveness of the city centre; develop the area into a diverse urban area that is unique, vibrant, and respectful to historical and landscape values; locate the area‘s functions in a purposeful manner as well as guarantee pleasant housing and feasibility of the city blocks; create a pleasant and multi-functional public chore area, ensure the continuity of local green corridors, as well as create a functional and safe travelling netword; establish an urban spae that is controlled in terms of the scale and a pleasant local environment; be based on apractical street network and pedestrian and cycling network, and adapt paking areas to suit the surrounding.

Energy Concept:

System Interaction Principles:

– Free Energy Sources + Grid Intelligence = Zero Emission & Low Cost
– High Engineering & Low Tech
– Successive development of the area and for the building Systems is possible and energy efficient.

Energy System:

The conceived Water – Water Heat Pump System is based on two types of energy sources: Anergy and Exergy.

Anergy Clip: The Tammerkoski River would serve as a massive thermal energy source to provide: hot water and heating through the HP system; and “free cooling” in summer.

Exergy Clip: The estimated water flow at the Pispalan Uittotunneli would provide the high quality energy needed by the heat pump.

A new Tube through the Pispalan Uittotunneli will use the difference in elevation between the Näsijärvi and the Pyhäjärvi to generate the total yearly electricity demand of the system. At times, when the hydropower generation exceeds the project’s demand, the surplus electricity would be sold to the grid; and when there is insufficient generation from the tunnel water, electricity would be purchased from the grid. As a result of the large energy potential of the Pispalan Uittotunneli, the project is expected to have a net positive energy balance; in other words it is expected to produce – by large – an excess of zero emission electricity, which would be delivered to the national electricity mix.

The environmental Impact of a second connection between the two lakes has to be observed but there is a huge potential!

Architecture and Engineering naturally connected

Our envelope definition combines elements of both approaches: passive and active. On the one hand, walls would be insulated based on a passive approach to minimize heating and cooling demand; on the other hand, we conceive the openings to actively manage solar gains in our favor. The relation of Window area and Wall area is balanced for minimum energy demand.


KCAPArchitects & Planners GmbH
Team: Kees Christaanse · Ute Schneider
Simon Kramer · Michael Pscheor · Alberto Beltrame
Energy: Keoto AG, Zürich
Team: Frank Thesseling · Oscar Rueda Gonzales
Arkkitehtistudio M&Y Moisala & Ylä-Anttila, Tampere
Team: Kommo Ylä-Anttila · Antti Moisala
L.Arch.: Schweingruber Zulauf, Zürich
Team: Lukas Schweingruber · Simon Enemaerke
Verkehr.: Ramboll Finland, Tampere
Team: Lauri Vesanen · Jouni Lehtomaa
Martin Romero
Visualisierung: Rendertaxe CA, Aachen
Team: Alexander Pfeiffer · Nissan Uthayakumar