keoto | Energy and Facade Concept Mediahouse, CH-Chur

Energy and Facade Concept Mediahouse, CH-Chur

Client: Südostschweiz Medien AG, Chur
Project: Facade Konzept, Sustainability, Energy Concept
Architect:  Maurus Frei Architecten, Zurich
Date: 2013-2014


An integral concept for the construction and systems of a building for Südostschweiz-Medien was planned and implemented.


In order to account for the interaction between building and systems in the design phase, biweekly workshops were carried out so that those involved in the planning could explain their concerns and issues could be voted on.


The building project created different workspaces. Comfort, heating and cooling, and ventilation requirements needed to be flexible and adaptable in each workspace (zone). To this end, simulations were carried out to determine the optimum U- and g-values for the glazing, the window to wall ratio, and the heating and cooling power. The goal was to achieve thermal comfort in each zone, that is, the internal temperature is not allowed to be greater than 26ºC for more than 100 hours, nor drop below 20ºC. (SIA Norm 180; 382/1) Due to the complex environmental conditions, further simulations were carried out including dynamic external shading systems. Through these simulations, a balance between geometry, construction and systems can be achieved.

The outcome of these various calculations produce a margin of variation for this process and thus allow an optimization of the overall architectural and technical performance of the building, which can also be used in subsequent project phases until the building is realized.